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Sometimes when patients require durable medical equipment there isn’t a need for them to make a full purchase. Many conditions that would require DME are not permanent and will eventually heal. If that is the case, you wouldn’t want to purchase something that you’ll only need for a little while. That is why we provide equipment rental for many different types of products.


What are DME Rentals?

When you are injured or undergo a procedure, there are many instances where you might need durable medical equipment to help assist you with mobility, sleep, hygiene, and more. Plenty of times you won’t need permanent solutions for injuries that will heal over time so we provide rental options for our equipment. This would give you the option for temporary usage of our DME at a low weekly or monthly rate. You can contact our team for more information about our rental policy to see if you might be eligible for our rental programs.

What Types of Durable Medical Equipment Can I Rent?

The equipment you might need to rent will of course vary depending on each individual’s needs. We maintain a range of inventory available including:

  • Hospital Beds
  • Lift Chairs
  • Knee Walkers
  • Wheelchairs
  • Scooters
  • Power Chairs
  • Ramps
  • Respiratory Equipment (requires a prescription)


If you’d like to see our full inventory, make sure to visit our online store or come visit us at our Nashville store.

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How Does DME Rental with Williams Medical Supply Work?

Our team works to make the rental process as easy as possible for each of our customers. You can always call us or visit to begin your rental or you can fill out the form below and provide a date range you may need the equipment, what type of equipment you need, and if you will pick your equipment up or have it delivered. Our team will then assess your need and communicate with you what equipment we have available. Once you have your equipment picked out, we will have you sign your agreement, then you can either come and pick up your equipment or if you are in Davidson county or any county that touches it we can deliver to you. 

Fill out the form below to get started today and our team will reach back out to you within one business day.

Featured Products

Patriot Full Electric Hospital Bed
Lumex Patriot Full Electric Hospital Bed
Vive Health Lift Chair
Vive Health Knee Walker
Vive Health Knee Walker
Golden Technology 3 Wheel Lite Ride Scooter
Golden Technology 3 Wheel Lite Ride Scooter

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If you’re in need of medical equipment whether for home care or for a facility contact our team to see how we can get you the resources you need.

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