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Catheters are a major piece of equipment for urological care of patients. It is important whether you are needing catheters for home care or in a medical facility that you have the best possible equipment available. Williams Medical Supply provides catheter and catheter supplies to our patients and providers in Nashville, TN.


What are Catheters?

A catheter is a little tube that is inserted into the urethra to help the bladder empty of urine. There are three primary types of catheters since they are essential supplies for patients with urine incontinence: Intermittent catheters are withdrawn as soon as the bladder is drained, whereas external catheters sheath the genitals for simple protection. Foley catheters, also known as indwelling catheters, remain in the urethra for extended periods of time.

What is the Need for Catheters?

Catheters are used if patients have difficulty urinating on their own. They can be used to drain urine before or after surgery, run certain tests, or provide long-term relief for patients with conditions affecting their ability to urinate. It is important to maintain a regular supply of catheters as they need to be changed regularly.
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Medical Facility Catheter Supply

One of the main services Williams Medical Supply provides for the greater Middle Tennessee area is medical facility catheter supply. We work with providers to supply catheter and catheter supplies on a regular basis. Our team can help facility managers determine what types of catheters they might need as well as determine order quantities. If you are a facility manager and would like to learn more contact us today and speak to one of our sales representatives.

Catheter Retail Supply

Williams Medical Supply also provides medical equipment such as catheters to individual patients as needed. If you are looking into having home medical care and are in need of catheter supply our retail location and online store have products available to you. We work with insurance companies to best help our customers get the equipment they need at affordable rates. Visit us in Nashville or check out our online store to see what catheter supplies we have available.

Featured Products

Cure Dextra Intermittent Catheter
Cure Dextra Intermittent Catheter
Cure Ultra Male and Female Catheters
Cure Ultra Male and Female Catheters
Convatec Hydrophilic Gentle Catheter
Hollister VaPro Plus Pocket Catheter
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